The Fall of Lisa Bellow
Susan Perabo
Simon & Schuster
March 2017
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《被留下來的女孩》(The Fall of Lisa Bellow)透過懸疑的架構,巧妙將目光移到看似幸運逃過一劫的倖存者家庭,由麥瑞迪絲與牙醫母親克萊兒的交替視角,教人屏息地講述一樁犯罪觸發的漣漪效應,與一個家庭面對接連不幸時如何嘗試理解與找到救贖。作者優美的散文直探人心最黑暗的漩渦,最荒唐也最真實的懦弱,是一個關於面對傷痛、成長與原諒的令人驚豔之作。


● 作者簡介

Susan Perabo,手推車文學獎得主,著有短篇小說集《Who I Was Supposed to Be》、《Why They Run the Way They Do》、小說《The Broken Places》。作品曾收錄於《Best American Short Stories》《Pushcart Prize Stories》《New Stories from the South》等選集,與多本雜誌期刊。她是賓州狄金生學院英語教授與駐校作家,亦任教Queens University短期藝術碩士學程。擁有阿肯色大學藝術碩士學位。


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“Two eighth-graders witness an armed robbery in a sandwich shop. One is taken, the other left behind—making her a very lucky, very troubled girl. …Meredith's nonabduction befalls the Oliver family less than a year after another out-of-the-blue trauma—her brother, a high school baseball star, had his left eye and socket completely crushed by a foul ball. We track the family's attempt to cope with these misfortunes through the alternating perspectives of Meredith and her mother, Claire. Overwhelmed by her parents' solicitousness…Meredith slips further and further away, her concern with Lisa's disappearance becoming obsessional, which Perabo (Why They Run the Way They Do, 2016, etc.) conveys using a daring and suspenseful narrative strategy. Claire Oliver, who shares a dental practice with her good-natured, unfailingly kind husband, Mark, is as fine a fictional character as we have encountered in some time, dark, moody, passionate about her children, keenly self-aware, and very, very funny. …The texture of family life as it unravels, then begins to regenerate, is conveyed with unflinching clarity and redemptive good humor.”——Kirkus Reviews (starred)

"Utterly captivating and achingly beautiful, The Fall of Lisa Bellow brilliantly explores the aftermath of a shocking abduction in an idyllic town, moving seamlessly between the rocky terrain of teenage grief and maternal guilt to show the ultimate redemptive power of love. It's a fantastic, thought-provoking novel." —— Kimberly McCreight, New York Times Bestselling author of Reconstructing Amelia and The Outliers.

“Breathless as a thriller, this exhilarating novel shatters your heart then pieces it back together chapter by chapter until the last devastating sentence. In masterful and hypnotic prose, Perabo tells an unforgettable story of resilience as a family struggles to reconnect after their perfect world is torn apart by violence and loss. Psychologically insightful and emotionally engrossing, this is a story that will transform you from the inside out.” ——Kim van Alkemade, New York Times bestselling author of Orphan #8