Welcome to Andrew Nurnberg Associates

ANA was founded in 1977. We represent a distinguished list of international authors of fiction and non-fiction, including children's writers. We are proud to represent some leading UK and US agent and publisher clients through our offices in the UK and overseas.

We manage intellectual copyright, for and on behalf of authors or their descendants and for owners of  copyright material, negotiaties the sale of primary and subsidiary rights and oversees and services contractual relationships with publishers. In addition to its offices in Lonon, ANA has established seven agencies in a number of Central and East European countries and Russia, specialising in the sale of translation and reprint rights for and on behalf of authors and publishers.

To complete their international representation, ANA established local offices in China and Taiwan: ANA Beijing in July 2002 and ANA Taipei in January 2003.  These offices represent the interests of European and American authors and publishers in the management and sale of all publication rights. Effectively, this comprises the sale of Chinese language translation and English language reprint rights to Chinese publishers.